Delete facebook user data
Effective Date: June ,2022

After giving permission to access your Facebook account to the INASEC application, we are accessing basic information from your profile, if you want to eliminate the access we have to your information, we suggest you follow the steps below

From the Facebook website

  1. We open a window of our browser
  2. Sign in to Facebook
  3. We log in with our account, username and password
  4. Go to the top bar of the screen
  5. Tap on the dropdown, on the arrow
  6. In the dropdown, choose Settings / Settings
  7. We select the Applications and websites option from the menu on the right side.
  8. We will be shown a list with all the apps and websites with access to our account. You will see all the websites or applications divided into three sections:
    • Assets
    • Expired
    • Eliminated 

Those web apps are the ones that we sign in with Facebook and they can receive information that we chose to share with them at the time we gave them permission. Even expired or deleted applications could continue to access the information previously shared with them, although the same does not happen with the new one that is not public.


We can filter the list by active, expired or deleted applications or websites. Those that appear active are those that we have recently logged in to them and that can request the information that we have shared with them at any time.

On the other hand, the expired ones are those in which there has been no activity for more than 90 days. In this case, they may still have access to certain information, but you will no longer be able to ask us for access to private information.

And finally, the deleted ones are those that we have previously deleted from our account. They may still have access to some information we’ve previously shared with them, but they will no longer be able to make new requests or access private information from our Facebook account.

From the Facebook mobile app

The checks can also be done from the Facebook app itself for iOS and Android if we don’t have a computer or browser at hand. We can access the settings or configuration of the application and review those applications or websites that have access to our data.

  1. We open the Facebook app on our mobile
  2. Login with your username and password
  3. Tap on the three lines in the top right corner
  4. Scroll down and open the “Settings and privacy” option
  5. Go to the «security» section
  6. Here, tap on “Apps & Websites”
  7. As in the previous case you will see “Session started on Facebook” along with an edit button. Tap on this button and you will see a list with the applications that have access to Facebook and they will be divided into three sections:
    • Active
    • Expired
    • Deleted.

If one does not ring a bell or you simply do not think it is necessary for it to have access to Facebook, simply follow the steps in the following section to remove it from the access list.

Remove apps that access your Facebook

To access the information that we share with each of these applications or websites, just click or tap on them, whether we do it in the web version or if you bet on doing it from the app.

By tapping on them, we will see what is shared: we will see if our name and profile picture are shared, email address if the application can send us notifications or who can see that we are using or have used that application. Therefore, from there we can change certain settings regarding the information that we share from our Facebook account with these applications. We can disable sharing only one of the options. For example, allowing the birthday to be shared but not the email address or the name and surname to be shared but not the birthday and the email. You can activate or deactivate as you need.

But if what you want is to eliminate them completely, we can also. You simply have to tap on “Edit” in each of them and at the bottom you will find the “Delete” button.