About us

We are an express food, market and package delivery platform located in Miami, Florida.

Since 2020, a group of three entrepreneurs have been dreaming and working to create an innovative, multi-service application that will become a strategic ally to promote small, medium and large restaurants in Miami.

We believe that to achieve this we need a team of drivers who bring the best products to your doorstep, so we want to be a job opportunity with better earnings and more free time.



Our purpose is to be a platform that meets all the needs of users in one place: Food, market and parcel, bringing joy to our users, allies and drivers.

How do we want to achieve it? Supplying unattended needs in the market; promoting restaurants, mainly those that are starting or have been in the market for a short time; and positioning ourselves as a job opportunity for drivers.


We want to be by your side for a long time.  

For this reason, in five years we project ourselves as a nationally recognized multiservice application as a strategic ally of hundreds of restaurants in the United States and for the benefits for the user, restaurants and drivers.


Quality the services 

Quality at work 

Quality of life


The team behind inasec


Fredi Martín

CEO manager


Paula Escobar



Pamela Estrella

Graphic design